MKVToolnix 25.0.0

Tool for creating and altering MKV files in Linux, Unix or Windows

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    Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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If you ever have any need to examine and inspect the health and functionality of an MKV (Matroska video format) file or you feel like creating one, then MKVToolnix is the program that can help you get the job done.

What MKVToolnix Is

For computer users who like to download movies and other video files, MKV files can be quite a hassle at times. When it comes to compressing large chunks of video without sacrificing much in the way of quality, then MKV is one of the most preferred methods, particularly amongst those sharing movie torrents. However, MKV is also one of the most complex container formats there is, able to provide subtitles, multiple audio streams, menus, and other features with which MP4 and AVI files simply can not compete. This is why a lot of MKV files end up out of sync, corrupted, or otherwise damages, and that’s where MKVToolnix can help.

There are two main ways that MKVToolnix works. First and foremost, you can inspect any file to see if it is a working file. By browsing to a particular file that you have selected, you can then choose different aspects of the file to check, such as general options or more advanced options that you specify. This is great for checking the health of downloaded files and giving files that you have created a quick once-over to ensure everything is in working order.

MKVToolnix is good for inspection, but it excels at allowing you to modify files. If you want to add some subtitles or additional audio, you do not need a fancy video editor. You can use the Bunkus-developed MKVToolnix for Windows 7 and modify your file in half the time.

Features and Functions of MKVToolnix

As far as features go, MKVToolnix is a fairly straightforward program. You will need a little bit of editing knowledge to use it properly, however. The interface is clean and smooth, providing everything you need at the top with large tabs, but those new to editing may be a bit lost. It is an intermediate- to advanced-level program.

The program also features a broad range of codecs. For video alone, you can input AVC, AVI, DRC, MP4, MPG/MPEG, EVO, VC1, 264, MKV, and many more. There are equally as many audio formats that MKVToolnix can operate, and even some other formats, such as USF, XML and SRT, for subtitles, menus, and more.


  • The program is free under a GPL license
  • It supports a very wide range of media formats
  • The final file renders quickly
  • The program is not as intensive as similar programs


  • You need to have editing experience or you will be lost
  • There is no user guide to assist in the process
  • Merging different audio types may cause a slow process
  • The compression options are tricky

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